• I edit from existing footage. This can either be something from a DVD/CD or digital file online or from your computer. If you don’t have footage or clips ready Don’t Worry! I can put you in contact with local professionals to film or recorded what you need.
  • Before committing to anything I like to arrange a telephone call to discuss what you want from your reel. Discuss your casting bracket and what your agent wants from you as well. If recording a voice over reel i would also like to find out where you think your voices lies in the market.
  • Once your happy to proceed I will ask you to send over your footage/digital files through either DropBox or drop them to me at my address. I’ll then check the files are usable and in good condition.
  • I will then ask for a 50% deposit which can be taken from PayPal or Debit/Credit Card (No card fees)
  • The editing process begins and once complete I will upload it on the web for your private viewing. A reel can be edited and finalised in 1 – 3 days.
  • At this point i’ll ask you to check over it (you should also ask your agent(s) to check it at this point) and I will be happy to make any small alterations.
  • I will then invoice for the remaining 50%, and as soon as payment has been received I will deliver you’re reel.

Please get in contact to discuss further